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Friday, July 10, 2009

Live At Hello Brooklyn The Brooklyn Banger Concert Series

On July 26th Brooklyn Banger will be holding the next installation of their concert series. It will feature up and coming artists of different musical genres with one thing in common GOOD MUSIC. Check out the artists.


Live Wire is not only an electrifying artist, but is an inspiration to many. In addition to performing around the world in places such as Hamburg, Berlin, and Guam to name a few in front of audiences as large as 16,000 and featuring in the award winning film The Hip-Hop Project, he is also the CEO of his own record company The Formula Inc. He has shared the stage with performers such as Kanye West, John Legend, Dead Prez, Mr. Cheeks, Tone Loc, Shaggy, Mya, and Dana Dane. Live Wire has also worked along side legendary Supa Engineer Duro and is packaged and ready for mainstream success with music, movies, and merchandise already released and on the market. Outside of his demanding music schedule he still finds time to facilitate at 3 different youth organizations in NYC.



Kia Calloway, known to many as the empress of R&B, has a delightful sound and a gentle spirit that touches the souls of many. Despite the countless obstacles she has faced in her journey of becoming an R&B artist, Kia has never the less persevered. Along her journey she labored tirelessly and resorted to crative means of financing piano, dance and voice lessons by cleaning churches and dance studios in persuit of her dream. These past experiences only prove that Kia is multitalented, versatile, artist who knows the true definition of hard work and determination.

Kia has graced the stage opening for legendary artists from the likes of the Isley Brothers, Peabo Bryson, and jazz sensation Marcus Johnson to bona fide hip hop legends Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, and Lil ' Kim.

As a soloist, Kia's debut album "It's Not A Game" on WERQ 92.3 in 2006 and continues to receive praise from listeners. Staying true to her roots, she time and again performs at venues and events including the Baltimore Convention Center, H2O, Zanzibar and D.C. fashion week.

Cocoa Sarai's the epitome of a true artist. She is already garnering the attention of several major label executives, ringtone and publishing companies. Cocoa stands at barely five feet tall and her larger than life personality can be heard throughout her music. When Cocoa Sarai performs everyone stops and listens. Her live shows are captivating and her street buzz is major. Unlike many other artists who attempt to follow current trends, Cocoa Sarai is fearless and it is her ability to create with no boundaries that allows her music to have universal appeal.

Cocoa Sarai is definitely an artist of a new breed. Her pop-soul sound is a fierce combination of past, present and future. Energy driven and packed with emotion Cocoa's music is mutli-dimensional. "My music is therapy. I see colors when I write and my feelings are heard when I sing." There is a complex innocence heard in her music that resonates as clear as the beautiful flowers that she sometimes wears in hair-and everyone gets it. Cocoa Sarai is a rare gem and there is no doubt that she will dominate the charts with her irresistible ear candy.

The name is self-explanatory: Analogue Transit represents thetransition of sound from analogue to digital. The members of the group Jeff Shreiner and Kwaku, have taken the basis for their sound and christened themselves with it. The Brooklyn-based duo, however, is more than just a catchy name. Jeff and Kwaku met while working on a previous project. Mild music teacher by day, Kwaku plays lead guitar and lends his salt and pepper vocals to the studio versions which he then improvises and reiterates on stage. JEff something of a musical renaissance man is the production wunderkind that pushes and pulls sounds into shapes, helping them achieve equilibrium. By adding the human element, the two recreate on stage the intricate process that takes pleace in the studio, resulting in a sound that is comfortably familiar and a welcome challenge. Artistically methodical in their approach, the two incorporate analog and digital to make music that is progressively forward-thinking without losing the lovingly hand-crafted touch of analog production. To be clear, though, this is not the tired battle of old school .vs. new school. Rather, Analogue Transit place themselves in an alternate universe where the old and new co-exist, engaging in a seamless dialog uninterrupted by disputes between generations and the gaps created by things lost in translation.

Spit Hot Fire the self-titled second release and first full length album by the alternative/reggae/rock band from New York City, brings life to the stories, mixed emotions, and experiences of a young man pursuing his dreams and success in one of the most exciting, difficult, and harrowing places in the world. With words accompanied by gritty, melodic, and harmonious dub laced rock and pop of the band, singer/song writer/ guitarist Bryce Alvord's tales of escapade, hope, love, lust, exhalation, loss, anger, depression, and redemption will entertain and captivate you with their intelligence, wit, and raw honesty.


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