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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interracial Dating What's The Big Deal Get Over It!

My Name is Renne From About Time Boutique.... Got A Minute?

Why can’t people view interracial relationships as they view fashion?
Whatever happened to values and being free to choose whatever or whomever you want? I consider myself a fashionista, even though it might sound too confident of myself but my life does in fact revolve around fashion. I was in an interracial relationship for 7 months. He was my first true love! Not just my partner but someone I call best friend. A caring, loving intelligent pre law student who truly wished the best for me. Sad to say I had to let him go because my parents would never accept him. My Father and Mother would absolutely disown me as their child, as they've warned several times, if i continue to see him. No matter how much I love my ex there's no going against my family. Don’t get me wrong, my family is far from being racist, I mean they don't mind my African American, White American, Spanish or Asian female friends. From my understanding it's a cultural conflict. Who cares get over it. His family was no walk through the park... they never accepted me. This is when I realized it can't work... my true match. I can't believe they never wanted to meet him because he was African American. I come from a family that is part Armenian and part Turkish. Turkey and Armenia were known for being true enemies causing a genocide in 1915. So I always come to this question: if they made it and fell in love why can’t I? It’s just like when you buy a white bag... the shoes don't necessarily have to match. They can be black, red or purple pumps. This is what I love about fashion you can mix and match anything... so long as it blends right! Why can’t relationships between different races be as simple as matching an outfit?.. just let the darn thing blend & watch the beauty spring into fashion:) Shout out to these famous interracial couples To conclude... Get Over It... It's A New generation... A New Movement... Stop Worrying About The Color and Focus On The persons Heart!

About Time Boutique... One Love... One Nation... One Human Kind... Love Life & Live...

About Time Boutique
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Show About Time Boutique how you ROCK YOUR GLASSES!

About Time Boutique
736A Franklin Avenue, BK, NY 11238

Even The Animated Characters ROCK Krow Hill

J Kyle Manzay does it again! Check this trailer to his animated series... It's All Elementary... Stay tuned to their decision on which network they'll call "HOME"! With major roles in American Gangster, Hip Hop Chronicles(wrote), What Ever She Wants, Little Manhattan, Independent Lens, CSI, Law & Order, Twentieth Century Fox Action, The Actors Wrap(wrote) and several other plays and movies. J Kyle is no stranger to the film & theatre industry! AND... DRUM ROLLS PLEASE.... HE ROCKS KROW HILL & LOVES ABOUT TIME BOUTIQUE. Check out the Krow Hill Riot In Brooklyn shirt worn by the leading actor Jeffrey Goode... ALL THROUGHOUT THE TRAILER


It's Just A Crown Heights & atbk Thing

Our Crown Heights neighbors love & support About Time Boutique! Before they left with their purchases we asked them to show the readers HOW THEY ROCK THEIR TEE!

736A Franklin Avenue, BK, NY 11238

The Krow Hill Line hits the FILM INDUSTRY

The Stick Up Kids starring Tariq Alexander, Mel Jackson, Hawthrone James & Bryce Wilson is a hit DVD release that indie movie lovers can't get enough of. The film takes place in the streets of Harlem but the fashion screams BROOKLYN's About Time Boutique! Why? Because the signature pieces of the Krow Hill line has been spotted throughout the film. Tell us which Krow Hill piece best represents About Time Boutique & send a pic of HOW YOU ROCK YOUR KROW HILL.

Rock The Red Pump

Urban Fashion Board launches Haute Couture for Haiti…. Reppin' About Time Boutique & Launch Pad. Focusing on the Brooklyn area of fashion professionals & community role models such as Krow Hill, Launch Pad & About Time Boutique. Thanking them for coming together to provide shoes & clothing for the "soles4souls" shoe project to be donated to individuals displaced in Haiti.

Thanking the following members of "Team Fashion":

Photography: Kevin Ferrari

Stylists: Jeff Lincoln & Leon "Sue" Gomez from About Time Boutique

Make Up Artist: Sheba

Models: Urban Fashion Board

Artistic Director & Choreography: Raphael Dixon

Participating venues: About Time Boutique & Launch Pad




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crown Heights Ladies Tee @ About Time Boutique

Last year the Crown Heights tee shirts were one of Brooklyn's best kept secrets! The neighborhood has become the next "hot spot" in Brooklyn & the tourists love this place we call Crown Heights. We realized the disappointment in so many of the ladies eyes when we informed them that the shirts were men sizes only. So, by popular demand the Crown Heights ladies tees are in About Time Boutique! Show us how you rock your Crown Heights Tee & send a pic!

PS: Don't forget our Annual Kids Day Event: July 24th 2010

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