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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd Annual Kids Day Event Comes to a Close

As the blazing sun begins to set on the rooftops of Franklin Avenue the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event comes to a close. Children skip away merrily tightly grasping the prizes acquired throughout the day. Parents gather their families, flashing warm smiles as they recollect the memories made on this true summer day. The Crown Heights community’s dedication was duly noted in the absolute success of the event. Now as the rides are disassembled and the last of the stickers are given away, the feeling of togetherness is stronger than ever; everyone is pulling together even in the clean-up effort. For those who weren’t able to attend, you can still relive the day through the multiple photo albums on the About Time Boutique Facebook Fan Page and the videos posted in the previous blog posts. Once again, a big thank you to all of the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event’s official sponsors. Without them today would not have been possible.

J Kyle Manzay at 3rd Annual Kids Day Event!!!

Keeping Cool at The Kids Day Event

About Time Boutique’s recent publicity in AM New York has helped make this Kids Day bigger than the ones before. The graciousness of those families enjoying the event goes to show how appreciative and united a growing community as diverse as Crown Heights can be. To beat the heat, snow cones are being handed out at a fast rate while volunteers spritz fatigued children. Fire fighters have just arrived on the scene to open up a hydrant-establishing a make shift sprinkler. For the adult crowd, souvenir Kids Day shirts, which double as an homage to the sponsors, are available in a variety of sizes. For those who aren’t here to see this seemingly magical event to unravel there’s still time to experience it for yourself!

*Update: The Experience Unisex Salon located on Franklin Avenue and Sterling Place has just donated 35 bags of ice just in time to prevent a snow cone shortage! We would like to officially thank you!

About Time's 3rd Annual Kids Day Events Videos

The 3rd Annual Kids Day Event Has Officially Begun!

Children from all over the Crown Heights community are starting to pour onto the streets of Franklin Avenue. Joyous laughter fills the air creating the soundtrack to the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event. The once bare asphalt streets are now decorated in emerging adolescent chalk murals. Lines are beginning to form and families are swiftly stepping into the hot summer sun enthusiastic for what the rest of the day has planned. The Media table is setup, documenting the entire event through blog posts, tweets, and live Ustream video footage. Stop by and enjoy what About Time, in collaboration with local merchants, have made possible. The 3rd Annual Kids Day Event is the place where children can safely interact with one another and adults can relive their childhood memories.

Setting Up For the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event

With time winding down to the start of the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event on Franklin Ave. (between Sterling & Park Place) stress is running high and all the volunteers are carrying out their duties including setting up prize stations and games, as well as opening the community garden for additional festivities. The arrival of the rides brought the reality of the event to life, immediately instilling an excitement into the air. Fire trucks rolled up, ensuring the success of cooling stations and water based activities throughout the day. Parents with children in hand eagerly await for the clock to strike 12 and the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event to take off.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A "Thank You" to the Official Kid's Day Event Sponsors

About Time Boutique would like to officially thank all the sponsors for their donations towards the 3rd Annual Kid’s Day Event. Without their participation and enthusiasm, this event would not be possible. Three years ago About Time Boutique’s owner, Kevin Phillip, decided to give back to the community he called home-while showing appreciation for future generations-and conceived the idea for what would later be known as the Kid’s Day Event. Ever since, it has become a tradition greatly cherished by all those residing in the Crown Heights community. We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors: Bristen’s Eatery, Bombay Masala, Breukelen Coffee House, Brooklyn Ink, Chavella’s, Little Vinnies, Lily& Fig, LaunchPad, The Pulp & The Bean, 95 South, Dutch Boy Burger, Mizchif Clothing, My Space Realty, Upscale, Panamerican Shipping, Collective Concept PR, SoulDelicious, J's Hair Studio, Had's Associates, The Crow Hill Community Association, The Beauty Boutique, FACES, 3D's Restaurant, Fisher's Supermarket, A Slice of Brooklyn, and Council Woman Leticia James & Community.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

About Time Boutique in Today's Am New York!

Today, About Time Boutique made its way onto the pages of the popular AM New York newspaper. Listed under the City Living section, About Time Boutique has been noted for its memorable fashion forward attire represented on the custom designs of underground designers including the Krow Hill label. In addition the boutique’s involvement within the community has been noted, with its benefits reaped by many. One of About Time’s major events is taking place this Saturday July 24th from 12-5PM. The 3rd Annual Kid’s Day Event, which will be held on Franklin Avenue between Sterling and Park Place is open to all at no expense. The event is sponsored by About Time Boutique in collaboration with local businesses. It is an example of how our diverse Crown Heights Community can pull together under one cause and show support for the children being raised within this neighborhood. Come out, bring the kids, and show your support!

Monday, July 19, 2010

AM New York Recognizes AboutTime Boutique!

During the morning rush hour, as hectic commuters make their way through the impossibly crowded train stations, they are always seen to be armed with a copy of the widely distributed AM New York. Today at AboutTime Boutique, AM New York photographer Andrew Hinderaker dropped by to interview owner Kevin Phillip, in addition to documenting the much buzzed about Crown Heights boutique. The prominent role AboutTime is playing within the community as well as the positive opportunities they are presenting to young impressionable minds, which is reflected in their annual summer youth internships, has gained further recognition. For years AboutTime Boutique has sponsored events that can be branded as philanthropic, in that they unite a diverse growing community. An example of an aforementioned event includes the up and coming 3rd Annual Kids Day, which will be held this Saturday July 24th between 9AM-5PM on Franklin Avenue (Between Park& Sterling Pl.). Come out and support the Crown Heights Community and don’t forget to look for the AboutTime Boutique article in Thursday’s AM New York.

Dutch Boy Burger

You’re sitting in a cozy 50’s style diner with a juicy 7oz burger served on Sesame Brioche Bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles, all including a side of perfectly cooked garlic fries. This enticing, beautifully presented meal is only one of the many delicious plates that can be found at Dutch Boy Burger. It is fulfilling comfort food with a polished touch. Need to run an errand but don’t have the time to stop for a quick bite, they deliver to you! Dutch Boy Burger provides fresh food quality food, even for those with special vegetarian diets, for a reasonable price. There are not many places in Crown Heights where you can get a quality burger. So the next time you need to fix that burger craving, drop by Dutch Boy Burger at 766 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

A Slice of Brooklyn

If you happen to find yourself in Crown Heights craving some pizza, A Slice of Brooklyn will satisfy your hunger. You will leave satisfied and looking forward to trying something new at this neighborhood pizza shop. Explore what a true slice of Brooklyn pizza really tastes like with its flavorful tomato sauce and perfectly melted mozzarella cheese. If you still have room, definitely try one or more of their tempting dessert such as the homemade Cannolis and Tiramisu. There is an endless list of what you can get at A Slice of Brooklyn for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for something to truly hit the spot then indulge in ‘The Bomb’ which is a Philly Steak Hero that consists of pepperoni salami, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese. Try it out yourself at A Slice of Brooklyn located at 685 Franklin Ave.

Getting Inked at Brooklyn Ink

Today’s culture is a reflection of the individuality and creativity embraced by a new generation. They are the artists without limits, bringing to the table a revised form of Dadaism (an early 20th century cultural movement focused on irrationality and nonconformity) with its most prominent form displayed on the skin of countless individuals through permanently tattooed images and piercings. So for those privileged enough to live in Crown Heights look no further than Brooklyn Ink located at 717 Franklin Avenue. Unlike most tattoo parlors where a potential client is greeted with intimidation, the artists at Brooklyn Ink are more than welcoming with open sketchpads and friendly smiles. Combing creativity with the confidence needed to create an image that will forever be on their canvases, the tattoo artists at Brooklyn Ink understand the importance and significance this ancient craft is about. They are even willing to work with anyone in order to create a custom design to their liking. Brooklyn Ink is a reflection of how a subculture can effectively unite a diverse community through a love of art.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unity Through Film

You might be seeing Rooftop Films in our neighborhood very soon. For 13 years Rooftop Films has secured its reputation as a non-profit organization with the ability to unite people from various social, economic, and racial backgrounds through film. Stacey Sheffoy and Mark Elijah Rosenberg are looking forward to bringing this amazing opportunity right here to the Crown Heights community. Their projects vary from short films to sneak previews and critical screenings. You will never watch the same film at this event; every film that is shown differs in genres, and sometimes even countries! One night you may be watching an independent film from India and another night a foreign film from Sudan. Explore films in a whole new way-join your fellow neighbors in this unique rooftop experience.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pulp and The Bean

The Pulp and The Bean, one of the many stores located on Franklin Ave, has lived up to its name with several pleasing reviews since its opening on October 2009. With its convenient location and proximity to the 2,3,4,5 and S trains, The Pulp and The Bean is one of the more accessible wi-fi attainable coffee shops in the neighborhood. As a customer, the small size created a feeling of coziness and intimacy. The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness marked this experience as a pleasant one; even when charging something on your credit card, the service was efficiently swift. As for the products themselves, The Pulp and; The Bean should be noted for its wonderfully rich Mocha Lattes. In the mood for a refreshingly fruity beverage? Then try the newly advertised Mango Frappe. In addition, the pricing is affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So if you’re looking for wonderful quality and service worth your buck, then come on down to The Pulp and The Bean.

Friday, July 9, 2010

CHCA Goes Hi-Tech

The Crow Hill Community Association has launched their web pr campaign and are on their way to further success, by establishing communication on a wider scale. The Crow Hill Community Association is now available on Twitter as well as on Facebook .You can now be updated with everything that residents and merchants in Crow Hill are doing, as well as upcoming events being offered within the community. They been serving the community for 25 years and are still on task. So stay updated and follow the CHCA on Twitter: @CHCABklyn and on Facebook: Crow Hill Community Association.

J's Hair Studio

Need to get your hair done? Don’t go any further until you have visited J’s Hair Studio located at 733 Franklin Avenue between Park Place and Sterling. This is a salon that you can trust to tame any type of hair with precision and style. From when you first overstep the threshold, you are welcomed by the family of hairdressers whom have dedicated their lives to the craft. No customer is ever turned away and is guaranteed to leave J’s Hair Studio looking more polished and beautiful than when they first walked in. It is this feeling of excitement that motivates the staff, instilling them with joy at the appreciation of their work. Since its opening three years ago, J’s Hair Studio has never lacked business, but it is always looking forward to building their customer base. Some of the many appealing qualities of the salon also include the diverse staff, translation services, and specials every Sunday through Wednesday. Can’t make it on these days? Don’t worry the price ranges for every service are affordable-you will be more than satisfied with what they do to you hair. So no matter what style, cut, or type of hair you walk in with, you will not leave through J’s Hair Studio without looking fabulous!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poetry Contest for $50 Coldstone Gift Card !

I Love Franklin Ave. & Snubbr are collaborating to bring about a rather unique poetry contest with the grand prize of a $50 Coldstone gift card !

Want to enter? Visit ILoveFranklinAvenue.Blogspot.Com and leave your poem in the comment box.

The subject of said poem ? Franklin Ave. / Crown Heights in the summer. ANY poetic form is acceptable but must be 14 lines or shorter. 3 judges will be deciding on the winner in one week so hurry ! Get creative ! & good luck !

CLICK HERE for the direct link of the thread to leave your poem

16 Days Until the 3rd Annual Kids Day

As the last of the delectable blueberry tart was sold, a sense of excitement and relief filled the air: the funds needed to achieve a successful Kids Day were finally gathered. With 16 days left until the highly anticipated event, the buzz surrounding the upcoming 3rd Annual Kids Day is becoming almost deafening. Residents from all over Crow Hill stopped by the AboutTime Boutique to show support for the event, as well as the community through their purchases. In reflection of the 3rd Annual Kids Day, the bake sale had a sweet treat for everyone in the family-specifically the perfectly decorated cupcakes with delicate edible flowers, and the best selling Patron Cupcakes (exclusively for the adult crowd). The commitment of those involved and the support that ensured the success of all the bake sales, has quantified the feeling of unity and family among the tight-knit Crown Heights community.
Welcome to my neighborhood:
One of the many beautiful murals that can be found throughout the neighborhood.

Afternoon Delight at Lily& Fig

Lily & Fig is now making homemade ice cream; not the norm since Lily&Fig is known for their absolutely delicious cakes and confections. You can get a scoop of several homemade flavors and enjoy the richness of the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry sorbet, while waiting for the soon to come coffee flavor. Located at 727 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Lily& Fig is the ideal place to cool down during a hot summer day and satisfy one’s sweet tooth with a pastry fixture. So stop by and support the community while sampling one of Lil& Fig’s best selling chocolate chip cookies or the melt in your mouth red velvet cupcakes.