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Sunday, December 5, 2010


About Time Boutique
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Barboncino is on the way!

Franklin Avenue welcomes Barboncino's Brick Oven Pizza!

Check out Nick from I love Franklin Ave' blog for more details!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blow Out Sale!




Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrating Local Artist: Mike Perry

Special shout out to Mike Perry for being such a dope & creative artist that supports his community!

Celebrating Local Artist: Dan Cruz

We welcome local talented artists and support their movement... show us what YOU got.

Check out Dan Cruz's designs at About Tine Boutique

Franklin Avenue's Rainbow

There are a lot of stories and beliefs about rainbows that come from ancient times. The ancient Greeks said that the rainbow traveled with the messenger of the Gods. The messenger is named Iris. She flies on the rainbow and then she lifts the water from the rivers and oceans of the earth into the sky and it falls back to earth as rain. The Vikings believed that the rainbow connected heaven and earth. The Navajo says that the twin hero sons of the sun traveled into their father’s land by walking onto the rainbow. In Siberia the rainbow is the storm God's bow and is used to shoot arrows of lighting. In Australia the rainbow is the great serpent of dreams. In the Bible the rainbow signals the end of rain and is God's promise that the world will never be flooded again. The About Time crew believes that it symbolizes Franklin Avenue's great success. Go community!

It was a sight to see! People stood still in amazement and drivers came out of their cars to take photos of the double rainbow that lit up Franklin Avenue yesterday!

A sign that should remind merchants & residents that Franklin Avenue is the place to be!

Social Media for Kids® Coming to Lily & Fig This November!

Social Media for Kids® was organized and put into effect by proud residents of the Crown Heights community. In an effort to enrich the community dear to our hearts, for five weeks every Wednesday Social Media for Kids® will offer a free after school program, teaching students how to present themselves in the public eye through the web, discussing privacy issues, combating "cyber-bullying" and using social media for personal advancements. This program will commence on November 10th, 2010 after school hours from 4-6pm at the Lily & Fig Bakery located on 727 Franklin Ave.

News 12 Has Franklin Avenue Fever!

News 12 reporters wanted to know when did Franklin Avenue "get back" on the map... we told them "IT NEVER FELL OFF".

Supporting This Community, The Events, The Residents, The Merchants, The Movement... THIS IS FRANKLIN AVENUE and WE will continue to grow.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Friday, September 17, 2010

Tornado Hits Franklin Avenue

September 16, 2010 is day that Franklin Avenue Residents and Merchants will always remember. Take a look at the footage Garnett Alcindor shot during the Tornado! People were running for cover everywhere.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Biker Hit On The Corner of Franklin Ave & Sterling

Several residents of Crown Heights came to the aid of a bicycle rider this evening after he was struck by a speeding SUV. Fortunately the gentleman managed to walk away from the scene with minor injuries. However, the community was outraged by the incident and a petition requesting a speed bump is on its way. About Time Boutique says #StopSpeedingOnFranklinAvenue !

Drop by #AboutTimeBoutique for more details.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calling All Artists: The CHCA 25th Anniversary Mural Project

The Crow Hill Community Association is offering 30 artists (school groups welcome) in the Crow Hill/Crown Heights community an 8' x 8' panel to paint on the construction fence at
Eastern Parkway and Franklin.


1. Fill out our Artist Commitment Form
2. Look at the map of the site and pick your
1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for location of your panel
3. Make a sketch of the art work you will be painting
4. Get items 1,2 & 3 to us by Sept. 1


scan or take a clear picture of your artwork & your Artist Commitment Form
and email it with your panel location choices to:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have You Seen the New Female Attire

About Time Boutique specializes in unique fashion that represents the popular trend of the time with a creative twist. This can especially be seen in the recently added female accessories and attire. About Time Boutique has added several new pieces suitable for the trendy woman at any time of the day. From taupe blouses decorated with intricately embroidered designs to lavish party dresses lined with edgy zippers, any woman will instantly fall in love. Fortunately it doesn’t stop there! Dozens of new jewelry pieces including fabulously embellished earrings, hand crafted dangling necklaces, and chic rings are only but a few of the accessories that can truly create a finished look. If we have tickled your curiosity then be sure to stop by About Time Boutique and be prepared to leave stylishly in love!

Franklin Avenue Posters Are Here!

Franklin Avenue posters have finally arrived at About Time Boutique! The design began to gain popularity after its premier at the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event, spotted on the backs of children and adults alike. The design, mastered by the gifted Mike Perry in his very own studio in Crown Heights, embodies a fine representation of the fun, quirky, and versatile people that make up the Crow Hill community. With Franklin Avenue pride beaming from the smiles of locals, About Time Boutique has brought back the colorful posters for those itching to show some love for the avenue.

About Time's new addition

About Time is constantly evolving so it should come as no surprise that it has finally added a female section to the already dynamic line-up. Khamela and Garnett teamed up to create a cutting edge and creative ladies section. It's called K&G's corner and it is conveniently located in the boutique itself. With the immense growth and the continued rising popularity of the About Time boutique it was natural to venture into the world of ladies apparel and accessories. The jewelry is vibrant, the clothes are cutting edge and unique, and the accessories are fun and playful. K&G's corner is well on its way to reach the level of success as the About Time Boutique.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Franklin Avenue T-Shirts Are Here

This year’s Annual Kids Day Event proved to be a huge success not only with the day’s festivities but also with its stylish keepsakes. About Time Boutique printed the trademark Franklin Avenue t-shirts to request-contributing to the steady growth of the line well after the end of the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event. From then on, people have been seen proudly sporting the Mike Perry creations. For those not able to attend, there is now a second opportunity to acquire these hip t-shirts with further customization options including choosing from various t-shirt styles and color palettes. They are only available for a limited time so make sure to stop by About Time Boutique for your own Franklin Avenue design.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd Annual Kids Day Event Comes to a Close

As the blazing sun begins to set on the rooftops of Franklin Avenue the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event comes to a close. Children skip away merrily tightly grasping the prizes acquired throughout the day. Parents gather their families, flashing warm smiles as they recollect the memories made on this true summer day. The Crown Heights community’s dedication was duly noted in the absolute success of the event. Now as the rides are disassembled and the last of the stickers are given away, the feeling of togetherness is stronger than ever; everyone is pulling together even in the clean-up effort. For those who weren’t able to attend, you can still relive the day through the multiple photo albums on the About Time Boutique Facebook Fan Page and the videos posted in the previous blog posts. Once again, a big thank you to all of the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event’s official sponsors. Without them today would not have been possible.

J Kyle Manzay at 3rd Annual Kids Day Event!!!

Keeping Cool at The Kids Day Event

About Time Boutique’s recent publicity in AM New York has helped make this Kids Day bigger than the ones before. The graciousness of those families enjoying the event goes to show how appreciative and united a growing community as diverse as Crown Heights can be. To beat the heat, snow cones are being handed out at a fast rate while volunteers spritz fatigued children. Fire fighters have just arrived on the scene to open up a hydrant-establishing a make shift sprinkler. For the adult crowd, souvenir Kids Day shirts, which double as an homage to the sponsors, are available in a variety of sizes. For those who aren’t here to see this seemingly magical event to unravel there’s still time to experience it for yourself!

*Update: The Experience Unisex Salon located on Franklin Avenue and Sterling Place has just donated 35 bags of ice just in time to prevent a snow cone shortage! We would like to officially thank you!

About Time's 3rd Annual Kids Day Events Videos

The 3rd Annual Kids Day Event Has Officially Begun!

Children from all over the Crown Heights community are starting to pour onto the streets of Franklin Avenue. Joyous laughter fills the air creating the soundtrack to the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event. The once bare asphalt streets are now decorated in emerging adolescent chalk murals. Lines are beginning to form and families are swiftly stepping into the hot summer sun enthusiastic for what the rest of the day has planned. The Media table is setup, documenting the entire event through blog posts, tweets, and live Ustream video footage. Stop by and enjoy what About Time, in collaboration with local merchants, have made possible. The 3rd Annual Kids Day Event is the place where children can safely interact with one another and adults can relive their childhood memories.

Setting Up For the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event

With time winding down to the start of the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event on Franklin Ave. (between Sterling & Park Place) stress is running high and all the volunteers are carrying out their duties including setting up prize stations and games, as well as opening the community garden for additional festivities. The arrival of the rides brought the reality of the event to life, immediately instilling an excitement into the air. Fire trucks rolled up, ensuring the success of cooling stations and water based activities throughout the day. Parents with children in hand eagerly await for the clock to strike 12 and the 3rd Annual Kids Day Event to take off.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A "Thank You" to the Official Kid's Day Event Sponsors

About Time Boutique would like to officially thank all the sponsors for their donations towards the 3rd Annual Kid’s Day Event. Without their participation and enthusiasm, this event would not be possible. Three years ago About Time Boutique’s owner, Kevin Phillip, decided to give back to the community he called home-while showing appreciation for future generations-and conceived the idea for what would later be known as the Kid’s Day Event. Ever since, it has become a tradition greatly cherished by all those residing in the Crown Heights community. We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors: Bristen’s Eatery, Bombay Masala, Breukelen Coffee House, Brooklyn Ink, Chavella’s, Little Vinnies, Lily& Fig, LaunchPad, The Pulp & The Bean, 95 South, Dutch Boy Burger, Mizchif Clothing, My Space Realty, Upscale, Panamerican Shipping, Collective Concept PR, SoulDelicious, J's Hair Studio, Had's Associates, The Crow Hill Community Association, The Beauty Boutique, FACES, 3D's Restaurant, Fisher's Supermarket, A Slice of Brooklyn, and Council Woman Leticia James & Community.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

About Time Boutique in Today's Am New York!

Today, About Time Boutique made its way onto the pages of the popular AM New York newspaper. Listed under the City Living section, About Time Boutique has been noted for its memorable fashion forward attire represented on the custom designs of underground designers including the Krow Hill label. In addition the boutique’s involvement within the community has been noted, with its benefits reaped by many. One of About Time’s major events is taking place this Saturday July 24th from 12-5PM. The 3rd Annual Kid’s Day Event, which will be held on Franklin Avenue between Sterling and Park Place is open to all at no expense. The event is sponsored by About Time Boutique in collaboration with local businesses. It is an example of how our diverse Crown Heights Community can pull together under one cause and show support for the children being raised within this neighborhood. Come out, bring the kids, and show your support!