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Friday, October 29, 2010

Franklin Avenue's Rainbow

There are a lot of stories and beliefs about rainbows that come from ancient times. The ancient Greeks said that the rainbow traveled with the messenger of the Gods. The messenger is named Iris. She flies on the rainbow and then she lifts the water from the rivers and oceans of the earth into the sky and it falls back to earth as rain. The Vikings believed that the rainbow connected heaven and earth. The Navajo says that the twin hero sons of the sun traveled into their father’s land by walking onto the rainbow. In Siberia the rainbow is the storm God's bow and is used to shoot arrows of lighting. In Australia the rainbow is the great serpent of dreams. In the Bible the rainbow signals the end of rain and is God's promise that the world will never be flooded again. The About Time crew believes that it symbolizes Franklin Avenue's great success. Go community!

It was a sight to see! People stood still in amazement and drivers came out of their cars to take photos of the double rainbow that lit up Franklin Avenue yesterday!

A sign that should remind merchants & residents that Franklin Avenue is the place to be!

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