736A Franklin Avenue (Between Park & Sterling)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Telephone: 1.347.789.5513

Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Inked at Brooklyn Ink

Today’s culture is a reflection of the individuality and creativity embraced by a new generation. They are the artists without limits, bringing to the table a revised form of Dadaism (an early 20th century cultural movement focused on irrationality and nonconformity) with its most prominent form displayed on the skin of countless individuals through permanently tattooed images and piercings. So for those privileged enough to live in Crown Heights look no further than Brooklyn Ink located at 717 Franklin Avenue. Unlike most tattoo parlors where a potential client is greeted with intimidation, the artists at Brooklyn Ink are more than welcoming with open sketchpads and friendly smiles. Combing creativity with the confidence needed to create an image that will forever be on their canvases, the tattoo artists at Brooklyn Ink understand the importance and significance this ancient craft is about. They are even willing to work with anyone in order to create a custom design to their liking. Brooklyn Ink is a reflection of how a subculture can effectively unite a diverse community through a love of art.

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