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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Chronicles of About Time going Green (Chapter 1)

About Time Boutique has finally decided to Go Green! The Chronicles of this Journey will be documented, photographed and shared with the public via blog postings of literature and pictures. About Time Boutique is 100% about the community and giving back to the community, therefore the process of going green was inevitable. We are overjoyed at the prospect of sharing this journey with our readers. Please stay tuned and enjoy the journey with us!

Below is the Press Release announcing our decision to go green.

"Just in time ABOUT TIME BOUTIQUE decides to go green.

(May 26, 2010) The environmentally conscious owner of About Time Boutique, Kevin Phillips, has finally decided to join the Green movement. Phillips prides himself on keeping abreast of current events and being a conscious member of his community having participated in countless charity events to benefit his community; so it was imminent that he would eventually take his company green. The recent oil spill in the Gulf persuaded him to speed up the process of producing his t-shirts in an organic manner. He has decided to forgo the use of PVC based ink and will begin using water based ink; which is eco-friendly and keeps the t-shirt design aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Not only is he doing the environment a service, he is also on the cutting edge of the Green movement in his area of Brooklyn, NY. There are not many stores in the area, which have decided to be on the cusp of this new Green movement. The benefits of using water based ink are plentiful and uncomplicated to obtain. When using water based ink, there are no toxic fumes being released into the atmosphere, which was a great concern for Phillips because his immediate atmosphere is his workspace. Also, the screens can be easily cleaned with water and can safely go down the drain because they are no more harmful that your normal household cleaners. While these two facts are extremely important, the selling point for Phillips was that the use of water based ink will not diminish the quality of his t-shirts. The colors of water based ink are more vibrant, the ink itself is extremely durable, and lightweight which will provide optimum comfort to the wearer.

About Time Boutique is ecstatic to provide customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to t-shirt wearing, while still keeping the designs fashion-forward and street savvy. "

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